The clinic is located  in Cathedral Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic in Southernhay West. It is situated in the centre of Exeter in a very attractive area of the city. 

There are ample car parks nearby and on street parking with parking meters. 

The clinic is on the second floor with lift access. 

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I have additional training, expertise and special interest in acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy and gynaecology and acupuncture treatment alongside assisted fertility treatment such as IVF.  For the latest analysis of the evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture alongside IVF and ICSI click here.

I am a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN). The AFN is a professional special interest group and forum for acupuncturists who are dedicated in the use of traditional acupuncture in the treatment of fertility. AFN practitioners have done a minimum of 14 hours integrated training in gynaecology, with a specific emphasis on training to support assisted protocols.

I am committed to ongoing post graduate study in gynaecology and fertility and am  keen to keep up to date with current treatment practices. I have received training from experts in the field, such as Debra Betts, who has pioneered the use of acupuncture and acupressure in midwifery in New Zealand and Jani White. 

I have extensive experience in the treatment of fertility problems and pregnancy in Exeter. This experience, alongside traditional training and a commitment to continued professional development, has added to my skills and knowledge in gynaecology, pregnancy and fertility issues.

I am committed to keeping up to date with IVF protocols and acupuncture research in the field of fertility and assisted reproductive treatment. 


I have been practicing acupuncture in Exeter for 18 years and during this time I have built a substantial client base and have  treated a wide diversity of health problems.  Many patients have experienced the benefits of acupuncture, including improvements in health and well-being. I studied Acupuncture at the highly regarded College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), the largest Acupuncture College in the UK, established in 1993. The course included training in Western medical sciences, such as, anatomy, physiology and pathology. Since completing training in 2000, I have  continued my professional development in skills and knowledge through on-going post graduate courses. 

I am currently studying on an MSc programme in Advanced Oriental Medicine with the Northern College of Acupuncture.

I am  a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the UK's largest, self regulatory professional acupuncture body. Members are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and a Code of Professional Conduct and Safe Practice.

​I am passionate about my work and the promotion of acupuncture. My long experience has enabled me to witness the efficacy and potential of acupuncture and has strengthened my commitment to the profession. I enjoy working in partnership with people to help them take greater control of their health and wellbeing, by exploring potential changes in  lifestyle which may make a substantial difference. I use Chinese dietary therapy, which makes  use of the energetics of different types of food to help address imbalance. 



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Helen Stafford BA, LicAc, MBAcC

Exeter Acupuncture Clinic @

Cathedral Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic

6 Southernhay West,

​Exeter, EX1 1JG

Bookings: 01392 221122

Enquiries: 07814 304424

Exeter Acupuncture Clinic - Helen Stafford Acupuncturist

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 B.A. LicAc. MBAcC

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Bookings: 01392 221122      Enquiries: 07814 304424

​​Helen Stafford Acupuncture

We are pleased to announce that the clinic is open. To book now, ring 01392 221122

   Acupuncture for


Growing use of Acupuncture for Pain Management

A clinical professor of anesthesiology, Farshad M. Ahadian, states that there is a solid foundation illustrating the value of acupuncture for pain relief for headaches, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal conditions. He stresses the need for acupuncture to become more fully integrated into mainstream healthcare, to help address the needs of an aging population and the growing use of opioids
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Acupuncture and Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Ten trials representing 1456 participants met the inclusion criteria and were analysed. These studies provide evidence that acupuncture is an effective treatment for pain and physical dysfunction associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Link to Research Paper by: Terry Kit Selfe, DC, PhD and Ann Gill Taylor, EdD, RN, FAAN

 Acupuncture doubles the success of IVF

A study carried out at Homerton University Hospital in London, indicated that acupuncture alongside IVF doubled the conception rate of the participants. The study involved 127 women on their first or second cycle of IVF. The women were split into 2 groups. The first had 4 sessions of acupuncture during the IVF process, whereas the second group did not receive acupuncture. In the acupuncture group, 46.2% conceived, compared with the non acupuncture group where just 21.7% became pregnant. The positive effect of the acupuncture may be due to changes in biomedical factors, including hormones, endorphins and serotonin. Such positive results indicate that acupuncture may be offered as a possible method of improving IVF outcomes.

Article link: The Telegraph

​​​​Exciting new medical research paves for the way for new approaches to illness

A new concept based on the theory that gut bacteria influences or brain health, is emerging. Conditions such as depression and neurodegenerative disease are being linked to gut microbes. Scientists believe that these microbes have the potential to improve mental health.
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